I had an IVC filter to treat blood clots and I suffered complications. Can I sue the manufacturer in Los Angeles?

You may be able to sue the manufacturer. IVC filters were designed for patients as an alternative to blood thinners. They are used for the treatment of blood clots and are designed to trap the clots before they can enter the heart or the lungs.

Blood clots that are not treated can cause catastrophic injuries such as heart failure, stroke, or pulmonary embolism if they move into the lungs, heart, or brain. An IVC filter is like a net which is inserted into the body and is designed to capture any clots before they can do any harm. Once they are caught, they break up and disappear. They were marketed to patients as an alternative to blood thinning medications.

Over 10 years ago, the FDA began receiving reports from patients claiming that they had adverse health effects from the filters. Eventually, the FDA released a warning about the devices. Some of the side effects of the devices include damage to the major blood vessels, the filter moving to other parts of the body, and the perforation of organs. Many patients have sued over the filters. The three filters which are the most popular are the Bard Recovery filter, Bard G2 filter, and Bard G2 Express filter. Patients in lawsuits have claimed that the company that manufactures the Bard filters failed to provide warning about the dangers and made a dangerous product.

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