I had a knee replacement called a Zimmer Persona and it has to be replaced. Can I file a lawsuit in Los Angeles for my damages?

Knee injuries can be very debilitating. Patients suffering from a knee injury often decide to get the knee replaced in the hopes to get rid of the pain and in order to lead active lives. The Zimmer Persona knee replacement is a system that was marketed to patients who want a solution to knee injuries that is fairly versatile.

Unfortunately, the Zimmer Persona knee replacement was later found to have some serious design flaws after it was implanted in countless patients. Although it was promised that the knee replacement would address the needs of patients with a variety of conditions and injuries, instead the knees were found to have a number of flaws.

In many cases, the knees contained defective screws, which caused the knees to loosen or fail. This required surgery to correct. Fluids could build up between the bone of the joint and the knee’s components. Some of the implants contained debris, which could become lodged in the joint and cause damage to patients.

Many lawsuits have been filed against the company that manufactured Zimmer Persona knees. A number of those patients were forced to have additional surgeries in order to correct the defective knee. Patients have also had a big loss of mobility and a lot of pain.

If you have received a Zimmer Persona knee replacement, and that knee failed or caused you additional pain or injuries or the loss of mobility, you should speak with an attorney. You may be able to obtain compensation from the company for your injuries.

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