I was harmed on a defective ladder. Can I sue the ladder’s manufacturer?

It depends on the situation, but typically if a product causes bodily harm, whoever has been injured can receive compensation for medical treatment and other expenses. If you have been injured because of a defective ladder, you should speak with an attorney who can help advise you on your legal rights.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of ladder accidents occur at home, not at work. Typically ladder accidents are caused by a failure to use the ladder safely, although some ladder accidents occur due to defects in the ladder itself. Although ladders are used in many workplaces on a daily basis, the accident rate at work is low because typically construction workers and others who use ladders at work are experienced and know how to safely use the ladder.

Some of the most common causes of ladder accidents include using the wrong type, the ladder collapsing, the ladder tipping or falling over, or a failure of the ladder extension. Fortunately, most ladder accidents are not serious and the victims can usually walk away with only minor bruises. Only one in ten ladder accidents require hospitalization. If serious injuries do occur, the most common injuries are broken bones.

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