Family Wants Uber Driver Charged after Karate Kick Killed Taxi Driver

Earlier this year, a taxi driver died after an Uber driver kicked him. The Uber driver has not been charged in the man’s death. The victim’s family is asking that authorities criminally charge the Uber driver for his actions.

The taxi driver was double-parked outside a high-rise in Chicago talking with another taxi driver when an Uber driver pulled up behind him and began honking for him to move. The taxi driver did not move. Eventually, the Uber driver pulled up to the passenger side of the taxi and punched the sideview mirror and drove away. The taxi driver pursued the Uber driver for about a block before pulling his car in front of the Uber driver’s car. The taxi driver got out of his car, approaching the Uber vehicle. After a brief conversation, the taxi driver walked around the Uber driver’s car and used his hand to flip his sideview mirror, to show the Uber driver what he had done to the taxi.

The Uber driver then got out and performed a karate kick to the taxi driver’s dead. A bicyclist who saw the event tried to stop the Uber driver from leaving and was almost hit himself. Police arrived and took the driver into custody. The taxi driver never regained consciousness and died two days later. The death was ruled a homicide by blunt force trauma.

As of three months after the attack, the Uber driver still had not been charged. The victim’s family is putting pressure on the police. After hearing from detectives, Uber removed the driver from the app. The family says it will most likely file a lawsuit against Uber related to their father’s death.

Although it’s unclear if the Uber driver in this case had a criminal history, many experts say that Uber does not do a thorough job screening its drivers before hiring them. The hiring process is done entirely online, and the background checks done on drivers are limited.

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