I was electrocuted while working on a construction project. Can I sue my employer?

Electrocution can sometimes happen on construction projects. Electrocution can cause death, but a person can be electrocuted and still survive. The extent of the injuries typically depends on the voltage, the pathway the electricity takes through the body, and the amount of time the current passes through the body. Electrocutions can hurt the heart and the nervous system, as well as muscles and organs.

Electrocutions most commonly happen on worksites when power lines are not properly marked. On average, about one worker per day in the U.S. is killed because of an electrocution. Many more are injured, and some of those injuries can last a life time. For some workers, the injuries from an electrocution may prevent them from returning to the workplace.

Workers who are injured in the workplace because of an electrocution normally have a couple of options. First, workers’ compensation may be available. Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. If the worker is killed, death benefits may be available to survivors. If the worker is covered by workers’ compensation, typically the worker cannot sue his or her employer. However, there may be other negligent parties available that may be sued, including subcontractors or the electric company.

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