My childbirth lasted a long time and my child was injured. What are my legal rights?

When labor lasts longer than is healthy for the mother or child, it’s common for birth injuries to occur. In that situation, doctors must make difficult decisions about what to do next. In some cases, doctors may choose to perform an emergency c-section, administer drugs to the mother to assist with contractions, or use forceps or other devices. Fortunately, most injuries during childbirth are minor and heal quickly. However, some mothers and children are left with more serious injuries.

The majority of injuries sustained during delivery are a result of prolonged labor. In many cases, prolonged labor is evidence of a more serious complication that may prevent the delivery of the child. The contractions may not be strong enough to deliver the child. The child may be in a bad position or could be too large to fit through the birth canal. Some common complications associated with prolonged labor include a lack of oxygen, a low fetal heart rate, low blood pressure, detachment of the placenta from the uterus, and more.

In these situations, doctors must act quickly to determine the best way to safely deliver the baby that will not pose a risk of harm to the mother. Studies have shown that most injuries that result in long term health problems that occur during delivery can be prevented with proper testing and monitoring.

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