My child was injured in an accident. What type of compensation can he/she receive?

I’m sorry to hear about your child’s accident. In general, a child and/or his or her parents or guardian can receive compensation for any expenses related to the injury, as well as for his or her injuries. “Injuries” includes physical, mental, emotional, and other forms of harm the child suffered.

Generally, the parents or guardians sue the wrongdoer on behalf of the children. In some cases another family member or unrelated individual may sue. In many cases, the parents can also receive compensation as a result of the accident. Normally, the parents will ask for compensation for all of the ways in which the injury impacted the child’s life, including a loss of self-esteem, physical and emotional pain, and more, in addition to compensation for past and future medical expenses.

To recover for your child’s personal injuries, normally you must prove that a person acted wrongfully, and that his or her actions caused the injuries. If the accident is an automobile accident case, normally you would show that the driver was driving negligently (not using reasonable care behind the wheel). In a medical malpractice case, you would prove that the healthcare provider failed to provide reasonable care to your child.

An attorney can help with child injury cases. An attorney can allow you to focus on your child and his or her recovery while the attorney pursues the case for you. It’s important that you reach out to an attorney soon after the accident occurs. There are statutes of limitation and other deadlines in place, and a case is normally easier to pursue the more quickly it is brought.

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