What can I do if my family member was harmed in the Los Angeles foster care system?

I am so sorry to hear that you have a family member who hurt in the foster care system. Sadly, being treated poorly or experiencing abuse in the foster care system is not unheard of. Your family member may have legal options that can help him or her obtain compensation which can help the child get the therapy that is needed, as well as to help rebuild his or her life.

Children are placed in foster care in Los Angeles when their parents cannot provide the proper care for them, or because they do not have anyone to care for them. Foster homes are intended to provide a short-term home for a child until he or she can be reunited with his or her family, or until a suitable long-term home can be found. Foster care is designed to provide a supportive and safe environment for children, but that is not always what occurs. Children can tragically suffer from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in a foster home.

The foster care system in California is set up so that abusive conditions are not allowed to occur, but in reality that is not what happens. Many foster care families are not properly screened before entering the system. Case workers may have a huge workload and may not be able to properly monitor children. Abusive situations could go unnoticed if children are moved frequently, or if they are too young or scared to speak up.

If the foster care system fails to properly prevent children from being harmed, the child can bring a lawsuit against the system for damages. A guardian may need to be appointed in order to pursue the lawsuit. Monetary damages can help the child receive the therapy and education needed to have a happy and successful life later.

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