California Mom Sues Lyft, Alleging Driver Kidnapped her Children

A California mom recently sued Lyft, alleging that a Lyft driver kidnapped her children. The incident occurred when the woman dropped her car off at a dealership for service. The dealership called the woman a Lyft and when it arrived she put booster seats in the car and her two children in the car. When she was bucking the children up, the driver took off with the woman’s daughters, ages five and six.

The woman claims that the driver was gone for 15 minutes before finally answering a phone call from the dealership’s manager. The driver only returned after being threatened with an Amber alert.

The woman says that her daughters have not been the same since they were taken and that they have been experiencing emotional issues. The woman says that Lyft is responsible for providing a safe ride for customers and that the driver should not have been allowed to drive anyone. Lyft said it could not respond to the complaint because it had been filed so recently.

Unfortunately, allegations against Lyft and Uber drivers for taking actions to harm their customers are not unusual. Many experts believe that Lyft and Uber do not take sufficient steps to ensure that their passengers are safe from drivers.

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