California Lyft Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger

According to authorities, a Lyft driver from Lompoc sexually assaulted an unconscious female rider. The 51-year- old driver was arrested on a number of charges related to sexual misconduct.

Police say that they responded to a report of a sexual assault which had occurred at a home. The alleged victim told police that a Lyft driver drove her to her home after she requested a Lyft when she became too drunk to drive home. The driver offered to help the woman inside because of her intoxication, where she then allegedly passed out and was sexually assaulted. The man was a Lyft driver for over a year. Police are working to identify any other possible victims of the driver.

This case is one of many sexual assault cases involving ride share vehicles in the last few years across the U.S. This most recent arrest comes after a Santa Maria Uber driver was charged with four alleged sexual assaults in San Luis Obispo County.

Unfortunately, passengers of ride share vehicles may be vulnerable to serious harm during their rides. Many passengers seek out Uber or Lyft because they have been drinking, which may impair their judgment and leave them open to potential harm. In addition, Uber and Lyft have been accused of failing to take proper actions to keep their customers safe. Both companies allegedly have lax hiring standards and may contract with third parties for background checks.

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