I was burned in a fire in my apartment building in Los Angeles. Can I sue my landlord or the building’s owner for my injuries?

I’m so sorry to hear about your burns. Burns can be so traumatic because they can leave both physical and emotional scars. They are also very painful. If you were burned as a result of a negligent property manager or building owner, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. You should speak with an attorney who can guide you on the best course of action.

One of the risks of apartment living is that you can be hurt or suffer other negative consequences through no fault of your own. Landlords and neighbors may take risks or act irresponsibly, which can result in you being hurt, even though you may have taken all of the precautions you could to avoid a fire.

Legally, it’s the responsibility of the property owners and managers to take every reasonable action they can to reduce the risk of a fire, as well as to keep their buildings up to code, in order to protect the safety of their tenants. They must make sure the property is correctly wired, maintain smoke detectors, keep fire escapes free from clutter, and provide fire extinguishers. If they do not take the correct actions and a fire occurs, they can be held legally responsible. In some cases, the responsible party may pressure fire victims into keeping the matter quiet in order to avoid the financial liability.

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