Amputees Sued United Healthcare, Requesting the Company Start Covering Prostheses

Two amputees who were covered by health insurance from United Healthcare have sued the company. The amputees claim that the company wrongfully refused to provide coverage for certain types of prostheses. The amputees are seeking to turn the lawsuit into a class action and to force the company to begin providing more coverage for prostheses.

The amputees are claiming that United Healthcare refuses to provide coverage for microprocessor-controlled prostheses. Those limbs are powered by microprocessors that react to stimuli in real time. Instead, the company provides only body powered limbs, which are much less expensive but pose more problems for most amputees.

The company claims that its policies provide only the most basic device to meet amputees’ needs. However, in their lawsuit the plaintiffs claim that the company does not properly assess or determine its customers’ functional needs and what prosthesis will meet their customers’ functional needs.

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