Amputees Sued Blue Shield for its Failure to Pay for Prostheses

Two individuals suffering from limb loss sued Blue Shield, the health insurance company, last year. The amputees are claiming that Blue Shield violated the terms of its health insurance policies in two ways. First, the company categorically denies all requests for some types of lower limb prostheses. The lawsuit also alleges that the company does not maintain an appropriate network of prosthetists, which forces many customers to seek services from out-of-network providers. The lawsuit is asking that the company be required to change its policies, as well as to reimburse the plaintiffs for their expenses.

The plaintiffs are seeking to turn the lawsuit into a class action lawsuit, so that other individuals who have been similarly affected can join the lawsuit. The lawsuit is asking that two classes of plaintiffs be certified: (1) all people covered by Blue Shield policies whose policies for microprocessor-controlled foot prostheses have been or will be denied, and (2) all people covered by Blue Shield policies whose requests for prostheses were paid to out-of-network providers.

The lawsuit claims that it should be certified as a class action because there are large numbers of potential plaintiffs, the plaintiffs are ascertainable, common questions of law and fact exist as to all members of the classes, the plaintiff’s claims are typical of the members of the classes, and the plaintiffs will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the members. If the lawsuit is certified as a class action lawsuit, that will all amputees who were similarly affected by Blue Shield’s policies to join in on one lawsuit, instead of suing the company individually.

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