Amputees Bringing Lawsuits Against Insurance Companies

Late last year, six individuals suffering from limb loss sued three insurance companies, United Healthcare, Anthem, and Blue Shield. In the lawsuits, the plaintiffs claimed that the companies were wrongfully denying coverage for microprocessor-controlled limbs to their customers.

The plaintiffs are seeking to turn all three lawsuits into class action lawsuits. Class actions are often best for situations where several factors are present. First, there normally must be such a large number of class members that it would not be practical for them to sue individually. All of the plaintiffs must have common issues of law and fact. Any named plaintiffs must have claims that are typical of the claims of the other plaintiffs. The named plaintiffs must fairly and adequately represent and protect the interests of the members of the proposed class. The attorneys involved must be competent and experienced in litigating class action lawsuits. Finally, a class action must be superior to all other ways of adjudicating the case.

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