I had an amputation because of strep throat. Can I sue my health care providers?

I’m very sorry to hear about your amputation. Several stories have made national news lately related to people losing their limbs due to a rare strain of strep throat. According to experts, there are a few hundred cases every year of a particular strain of strep throat, which can cause limb loss and even death. The rare type of strep throat is not contagious, and and some people catch it through their respiratory system of their skin. Strep throat is a bacterial infection, and that particular strain is very hard to detect.

In one recent case in which a man lost his fingers and toes due to strep throat, the man developed flu-like symptoms and stomach pain. He went to an urgent care clinic, which did a strep test and a flu test, both of which were negative. His pain continued to get worse, and we went to the emergency room. Doctors decided to do exploratory surgery, and finally discovered he had a strep infection. The man went into shock and his organs shut down. The doctors were able to save his life, although he lost his fingers and toes.

According to experts, these types of infections are very rare, but if a person very quickly begins to feel unwell from a sore throat, he or she should seek immediate medical attention. It can be difficult in these cases to determine whether or not medical professionals are responsible when the strep throat is not quickly diagnosed, leading to amputation. In some cases, medical professionals may overlook the obvious. However, typically these forms of strep throat are extremely rare and may not appear on a strep test.

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