Admonitory tale regarding nursing home care and billings

Maybe your mom, dad, cherished grandparent or other loved one who is spending time in a nursing home just informed you that, while he or she feels just fine, the home has been administering intensive and hours-long therapy on a daily basis.

You might want to check in on that, Now.

And you might want to bring in a copy of a recent federal report that contains some truly hair-raising information and charges relating to care-delivery practices and policies of high numbers of homes across the country.

Here’s a nugget of information that virtually pulses with light in study findings that recently made their way into the national media courtesy of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To wit, and as noted in one of those stories focused upon questionable nursing home treatments and care: Some therapies are flatly “unrelated to the condition or characteristics of patients.”

Many of our readers — in all likelihood, millions of people across the country — undoubtedly grow a bit agitated when reading that. What it means in simplest terms is that in some instances a loved one’s best interests are being flatly sacrificed by greedy home administrators and employees in pursuit of maximum gain.

Sadly, many people are probably not surprised that, notwithstanding the existence of some facilities in California and nationally that are clearly focused on quality care, many outliers across the country are just as clearly fixated on profit.

There’s a clear takeaway from the DOHHS report, namely this: Due diligence doesn’t stop at the moment a care facility is selected for a loved one. Rather, it simply makes sense that family members routinely and carefully assess the treatment and services offered by a nursing home to a loved one.