Had an accident and developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

There are few conditions more painful that reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). I am sorry to hear about your condition. RSD is a chronic pain condition that typically affects the arms or the legs. There are a number of symptoms of RSD, including burning or aching pain, sensitive skin, swelling and stiffness, and changes in the skin, such as changes in color, temperature, and texture.

RSD is frequently the result of a traumatic injury. The injury can be minor or could be very severe. The causes of RSD are not completely understood. Some experts believe that the trauma causes an irritation of nervous system tissues, which can cause nerve impulses.

In many cases, RSD begins with swelling, redness, changes in skin temperature, and hypersensitivity. Many patients become worse over time, and the symptoms may increase or worsen. The symptoms of RSD vary a lot based on the individual.

RSD can be hard to definitively diagnose, and there is no cure for RSD. Instead, medical providers normally try to treat the symptoms of the disease. In order for treatment to be most effective, the patient must start treatment soon after the trauma. If RSD is not treated immediately and is allowed to get worse, it can become irreversible.

Sadly, RSD victims are often accused of lying about RSD. Since RSD can be hard to diagnose, many defendants claim that it does not exist at all. Once the condition can be proven, the burden is still on the accident victim to prove what caused it. Although it can be difficult to pursue an RSD case, victims must take action if they have developed RSD because of another person’s actions.

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