A few simple steps that could help you after a car accident

Those frantic, fleeting moments in the wake of a car accident will leave you intimidated and scared. What are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to react? Have people been injured in the wreck? So much is happening so quickly that it is understandable to freeze and not have the slightest clue how to react.

To lead things off in this discussion about what to do after a car accident, let’s talk about something you shouldn’t do: flee the scene of the wreck. Doing so is a criminal act, and it deprives people who have been injured in the wreck valuable aid that you could be providing them. Never flee from the scene of a car accident in which you were involved.

Now that you’ve remained at the scene, there are a few constructive steps you can take. The first, as we mentioned above, is to check on the other drivers in the wreck to see if they are okay. If they need medical assistance, call 911 and follow any instructions that emergency responders give you over the phone. Every little bit of aid that you provide could help save a person’s life.

Once you have completed this step, or if your accident isn’t serious enough to warrant immediate medical attention, you can survey the scene and collect information. Take photos of the crash scene and talk to some of the witnesses (if there are any) of the crash. They could provide valuable information. Get their contact information and statements, and save that information for when you are dealing with insurance companies or a case in civil court.

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