Jane Doe v. Jack In The Box-$3.8 million jury verdict Premises Liability-Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Premises Liability

In March 2014, Conal Doyle obtained a $3.8 million jury verdict against Jack In The Box in Kern County, California. The verdict included more than $3.1 million in non-economic, or “pain and suffering” damages, one of the largest awards of its kind in County history. Prior to trial, the highest settlement offer from Jack In The Box was $200,000.

The plaintiff, Jane Doe, developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), after a metal panel fell on her foot while a patron at Jack In The Box in Lebec, California. She suffered a bruise and small abrasion. However, she went on to develop CRPS, a rare pain condition, that can occur from minor trauma. Her past medical bills were $250,000 and future projected medical bills were approximately $400,000.

Jack In the Box disputed liability, arguing that it wasn’t at fault for the injury, and denied that Ms. Doe had CRPS and was severely damaged. The jury rejected the defense arguments in their entirety and awarded all economic damages requested by the plaintiff in addition to the historic non-economic damage award in a case of this type.

Mr. Doyle was retained as lead trial counsel the month before trial began, conducted expert discovery, and obtained his second multi-million dollar verdict in three months in Bakersfield, one of California’s most conservative jurisdictions.

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